Cudalore to Chennai Buses


Distance 185 KMS
Duration 4 hrs
Boarding Points 167 Chennai


About Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is one of the major cities of south India. An oceanside city, it is equally known for its oldest heritage and culture. It is also one of the prominent historical cities of the country. Also famous for its sambar, the taste of tamil is closely intertwined with the indian ocean covering up large coastal area.. A state widely speaks tamil ruled by dravidians and cholas as capital state now famous for hot scorching climates & heartful people.


About Cudalore

Cudalore is one of the biggest cities of Tamil Nadu. it is a city which is the headquarters of the Cuddalore District in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Scholars believe the name Cuddalore is derived from Koodalur, meaning confluence in Tamil.Cuddalore first rose to prominence during the reign of Pallavas and Medivial kings ruling tamil nadu. Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu is spread over 3,678 Sq. km of Tamil Nadu & population over 22 million as per 2014 statistical records.